Thursday, February 26, 2009

"You look like the Grinch. But white."

It was unseasonably warm today. Eighty-one degrees. I tilled my veggie garden for the second time and after I was finished, my Mormon neighbor came to borrow the tiller.

When he returned it, Annie was in the front yard riding Patty, her tire-swing horse. She noticed he didn't have on a shirt, which is very unusual for him as he usually at least wears his garment top. I went out to greet him just in time to hear Annie say, laughing, "You look like the Grinch. But white." He does have a round belly and scrawny legs. She was spot on, actually. It was a perfect description. But I didn't laugh, though it took everything in me not to. I reprimanded Annie and told her she was being impolite. She apologized.

But I've been giggling for hours.


  1. I think we need a picture for comparison purposes. Don't you have a camera with a telephoto lens?

    Reminds me of a small branch where one of the High Priests would mow the lawn at the building during the week, and during the summer he was usually just in his garment top. It must be a generational thing.

  2. "During the summer he was usually JUST IN HIS GARMENT TOP?" Did the police arrest him for being naked from the waist down?