Friday, February 13, 2009

Disfunkshunal Family

Madeline does a perfect imitation of Bobby Proud from Disney's animated cartoon, The Proud Family. Her favorite line is, "Where my momma? Momma, I need a sna-aak. Bring my momma back, so she can get me a sna-aak." (Cue Peanut Butter Jelly Time.)

One of her favorite songs to sing is Bobby's theme song, "So Disfunkshunal." Listen to it here:

My girls and I are a dysfunctional bunch, for certain, but we have a ton of fun. Tonight we went to a play at Madeline's school called "Middle School: The Musical." The kids and teachers wrote it. What can I say? It stunk so hard it was hilarious. Middle School kids have to be the most dorky people on the planet. I love them. I especially love my middle-school kid.

After the play, we went to eat at my Sexi-Mexi's restaurant. I think he has the hots for me, too. Tonight, he seated us and brought me salsa himself, while another employee seated the other patrons. See? He likes me. When I thanked him for the salsa, he said, "Thank you for coming." I swear to God he practically purred it! I had to stop myself from saying, "But I haven't yet."

During dinner, Madeline and Courtney made up a new mid-sized SUV model for Buick called "SaBeaver." Don't ask. I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but SaBeaver is the name. I'm still laughing over it. And Courtney told how she got a message from the grilled cheese she ate at lunch. It had a burnt spot on it in the shape of *Court stood and distorted her body into a twisted just-been-mangled-by-a-large-cat shape* which she interpreted as a sign that she's destined for super-stardom. She is thankful that God uses cafeteria ladies who burn grilled cheese sandwiches as conduits for revelation. She hopes to express that gratitude in a new and improved version of the Lunch Lady Line Dance.

As we prepared to leave the restaurant, Sexi-Mexi said to me, "See you tomorrow." I replied, "I don't know if I need Mexican food two days in a row!" He purred (yeah, more purring), "I could make you breakfast." I'm so not kidding. I'm not sure if I should go back to Sexi Mexi's restaurant. Things may be getting dangerously spicy there. Not even a key-lime flavored mint could quell the heat.

We came home, watched a bit of Homestar Runner together, laughed at Chloe's Poopsmith impersonation, then went to bed. Well, all of us went to bed except for me. But I'm tired and going there now. I wonder. If I wake early in the morning and call Sexi-Mexi, would he still be interested in making me pancakes?

So disfunkshunal...can you feel it? Can you?


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