Saturday, April 17, 2010

Princess Shady Nasty

A friend of the family is a seasonal employee at Disney World. She was greeting children one afternoon as they were in line to meet a character, Cinderella or someone similar, when she saw a little girl in a princess costume. The little girl had banner across her torso that read "Princess Shadynasty."

Pausing briefly to decipher the name, our family friend enthusiastically greeted the child princess thusly: "Well, hello there, Princess ShadyNasty!"

ShadyNasty's mother was indignant. "It's Sha-Dynasty!"

The moral of the story? Don't give your kids weird names.



  1. There's a whole chapter on weird names in the book "Freakonomics". Turns out, weird names don't help people out when they're sending out resumes. Who would have guessed?

  2. I thought for sure one of the board members had shown up at disneyland.

    Im guessing with a name like Sha-dynasty this was a girl of color. My girlfriend in high school was named Keisha, people of color tend to go for unusual names.

    I think this is less a problem of an odd name and more a problem of poor font choice and spacing.

  3. hilarious!
    I immediatly shared this with my husband :-D

    I always thought sames couldnt get worse then Shitonya Shi'Tonya Shit on ya?

  4. Oh, dear! Some parents are not good at naming their children...