Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Finished

I recorded the podcast Sunday night. I didn't have a single panic attack during the recording session. Whew! I was worried that would happen, but there was no reason to worry. Things went well, thanks to the laid back nature and kindness of the other participants.

Recording the podcast was a very big deal for me because I don't think there exists, other than what John "taped" Sunday night, a recording of my voice, well, other than a word or two on videos I've taken of my girls.

I endured quite a bit of teasing about my voice, but it was mostly as an adult. My allowing it to affect me so is quite shameful, but I view the podcast Sunday night as a small victory. Still, there's no way in hell I'm listening to it! That's okay. Baby steps.

I think I'm going to reward myself by taking the girls to Sexi Mexi's to eat enchiladas for lunch. Then we'll hit the pool this afternoon to work off the calories.



  1. KA, you have the most adorable voice ever!!! How anyone could say it is anything but perfect is beyond me. Seriously!

  2. Kim, whoever called you that awful name was an asshole. You have a beautiful voice and were very poised during the podcast. I was the one that used all tge 'ums and ah's. I'm very embarassed. You sounded great!

    As a matter of fact, if you lived closer, I would try to talk you into taking voice lessons from me. I'll bet you have a lovely singing voice...I'm guessing soprano.

    You would be a great addition to my studio. :)

  3. This someone who "came into your life" and called you that name--it wasn't your husband, was it?

  4. You were lovely. Your demure voice only highlighted and heightened the poignancy of your comments. I hope you are planning on coming on again.