Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Ode to Hunky Walgreens Manager" Written and Performed by Chloe

We were out of milk the other night. Chloe and Anna were playing at the neighbors, so Courtney, Madeline and I drove the short distance to our neighborhood Walgreens to buy a gallon. They waited in the car while I dug through the milk case searching for the freshest gallon of skim milk.

As I was crouched down searching the bottom rack someone crouched down next to me. A man. Perhaps the best looking man I've ever seen. No kiddin'. He asked what I was looking for. Withering under his sublime gaze, I told him I was hoping for a gallon of milk not so close to the expiration date. He helped me pull out gallons of milk until we found one.

He mentioned that he was the new area manager. I thanked him and walked away with my gallon of milk. I added, "See you around."

Back in the van, I mentioned my encounter to Madeline and Courtney. Later that night, eating a snack at the kitchen table, I related the story to Chloe and Anna. Chloe immediately broke into this hilarious song that she made up on the spot. It was perfect. She's a smart one, that Chloe. I recorded Chloe and Courtney singing the Ode to Hunky Walgreens Manager with my camera.

*For some reason, I cannot seem to publish the video in this body of text. It published just fine sans text as a new blog post, so check out the video above this post. It goes with the story.*


PS. Just to clarify, the story about Hunky Walgreen's Manager is firmly tongue-in-cheek. Yes, there really is a hunky Walgreen's manager. No, I'm not interested in him! By the way, my girlies spotted him in Walgreen's the other day. When I asked them if they thought he was good-looking, they replied, "He's old." I was mildly annoyed. He's much younger than me!

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