Monday, February 28, 2011

Meth Truck

I'll preface this story with the good news: at least my girls are creative.

So, we were in the minivan a few days ago when Courtney told us the story of a meth bust that happened in North Tulsa. Apparently, some guy was cooking meth in his car and was pulled over by a policeman. What gave Meth Man away? It was the smoke belching from his car window.

Madeline took off with the story, saying, "Wouldn't it be funny if there were traveling meth trucks that looked like ice-cream trucks!? They'd drive thorough neighborhoods and all the meth-heads would run to their money jars digging for quarters just like we do when the Pinky-Dinky Ice-Cream truck comes around!"

"Yeah," added Court, "and there'd be a little side window where customers could order, but there'd be constant clouds of smoke wafting by from the bubbling cauldron of meth churning in the back of the truck!"

Chloe: "The thame guy who drives the ithe-cream truck could drive the meth truck because he already looks like he should be driving a meth truck."

And, finally, the funniest contribution from my little Annie, "Da twuck wouldn't pway Pop Does da Weasel, it would go "Riiiiiiiiiicolaaaa! Riiiiiiiiiiicolaaaa!" It would do it all awound the nebowhood."

We busted up laughing and it took half an hour to calm down. Chloe's friend, who was with us, said that we needed our own television show. I doubt that, though it'd not surprise me if we eventually land on Dr. Phil as an example of one of the weirdest families ever.

So, there it is. A traveling meth truck which cruises neighborhoods broadcasting via loudspeaker a brand of cough drops.

If marijuana ever becomes legal, I bet my girls will make a lot more money than they do now from babysitting. Especially if they use Annie's adorable, tiny voice over the loudspeaker.



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  1. You made me laugh so hard, coffee came out of my nose! Weird mommies are the best mommies, i think, because they just let their kids be who they are, and love them for all their hilarity, talents, musings and uniqueness.