Thursday, June 18, 2009

On and On and On: More Wilco Than You Ever Wanted

First, a few things I remembered about the concert but didn't include in my original report.

Tweedy mentioned that he and the band had been watching DragonForce videos all day. I didn't know what DragonForce was until I looked it up on YouTube after the concert. DragonForce sucks. I think they need to find something better to fill their time. Like reading or something. Anyway, after watching those videos, Glenn apparently told Tweedy that he couldn't play overhand, so Tweedy proved him wrong for a short bit during Handshake Drugs.

Tweedy did a Springsteen impression with the sleeves rolled up on his sweaty shirt and his guitar slung behind his back. Not that effective, but dorkily endearing.

Also, Tweedy let some dude in the front row play his guitar. He just held it down in the crowd and some guy or gal (I couldn't see very well) played it. Made some racket and everyone cheered. I wish I could have seen. I saw a little but I heard a lot. That's what counts.

Courtney says I need to give more love to the opening band, Heartless Bastards. She liked them. Here's one of their videos from YouTube:

Now to what I promised: More Wilco than you ever wanted.

I found a site that has a nearly overwhelming Wilco song archive. Keep scrolling down and there are audio recordings of Wilco concerts from April 24, 1995 to the end of 2008:

Owl and Bear Wilco Archive

There is a download necessary to listen to the files. I'm basically computer illiterate, but I downloaded the suggested file (check out the link at the top of the website) and will soon check to see if it works for me. I hope it does, because I'll be able to listen again to the March 8, 2008 concert at Cain's. Outtasite!

Kimberly Ann